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Past Exhibitions

The museum stages temporary exhibitions which integrate the unique location and majesty of the ancient Citadel and its history with a contemporary presentation of artistic and historical issues. Temporary exhibitions that have been exhibited since the opening of the museum in 1989.

Exhibition in 2020
Exhibition in 2019
צילום אוויר של תפילה המונית בחודש הרמדאן, אנני בלט גריפית, 199
A Photographic Journey to the Temple Mount 1839 – Until our time
Through extensive photographic research, the exhibit will display the story of the mountain within the history of the modern city: from the perspective of monumental architecture to the “tinderbox” of the Middle East, the place that was the central stage of the national-religious debate in the land of Israel.
Exhibition in 2018
The exhibition at the Tower of David Museum posed a new challenge for Karen Sargsyan. This was the first time that the artist presented his works outdoors, in the open air, beside the walls of the ancient citadel of Jerusalem. These conditions forced him to search for materials which would survive the weather. Additionally, the material had to yield to Sargsyan’s utility knife with a similar flexibility to paper. These two considerations led the artist to create almost all of the figures in the exhibition using very thin sheets of colored aluminum, cutting them either before or during his work.
British Culture on the Streets of the City 1917-1948
The exhibition “London in Jerusalem” asked us to turn our gaze from the political, religious and symbolic aspects of Jerusalem that usually occupy our attention when we focus on the history of the city, and look at the residents of Jerusalem, their work and their material needs – an outlook generally reserved for the city of Tel Aviv. The exhibition sheded light on society and the cultural life of Jerusalem during a relatively short, but extremely influential time in the history of the city: the thirty years of the British Mandate. During this period, the processes of modernization, which began at the end of the 19th century, crystallized and new initiatives were established which boosted the economy and culture of Jerusalem.
Exhibition in 2017
One Hundred Years since the British Entrance to Jerusalem
The General and Gentleman – Allenby at the Gates of Jerusalem exhibition, which opened at the Tower of David Museum on Monday, December 11, 2017, exactly one hundred years after the historic event, tracked the dramatic events that unfolded in just one week, a week that marked the beginning of a new and fascinating era in the history of Jerusalem, the Jewish Yishuv, and the entire Land of Israel.
The Jerusalem Biennale taken a place this year for the 3rd time. The Biennale hosted 25 exhibitions and projects from all around the world: NYC, LA and Dallas, London, Paris, Saint Petersburg and Budapest, New Delhi and Singapore and of course Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Biennale’s venues this year includes the Tower of David Museum, The Bible Lands Museum, The Skirball Museum, Polonsky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Research Institute and more.

The Tower of David Museum, which tells the story of Jerusalem in many different ways, has created a special project to mark the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem that presents the many faces of that special time.
Exhibition in 2016
The exhibition “The Camera Man – Women and Men Photograph Jerusalem 1900-1950” focused on the major photographers who lived and worked in Jerusalem during the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition took an original look at this complex and fascinating city and presented the visual work of the photographers who worked here, illustrating how they saw the city and how the city was reflected in their work.
Exhibition in 2015
In cooperation with the Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art
The exhibition, Jerusalem.Passages, presented the work of five leading Israeli and International artists. Motti Mizrachi and Sigalit Landau, who represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 1983 and 2011, Pablo Lobato – a photographer and video artist from Brazil, Yenin Shilo – an Israeli video artist who represented Israel at the Biennale in Florence this year and Dov Abramson – a leading Jerusalem designer of Jewish renewal. The works were selected by the Advisory Committee of the Biennale. These works are presented in the halls of the ancient Citadel, among significant archaeological remains, and allow for an ongoing dialogue that transports the visitor from the past to the present, from the physical space to the conscious space, from earthly Jerusalem to heavenly Jerusalem.
Objective, a contemporary design exhibition that brought together two senior Jerusalem-born designers – Ezri Tarazi and Haim Parnas, former students and current lecturers in design at Bezalel.
Exhibition in 2014
גליון רפואי
Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis took a broad and original look at the “medical record” of Jerusalem, examining the human struggle for a healthy life in the unique context of the holy city.
The story of medicine in Jerusalem is a sequence of apostasy, sickness and epidemic intersected by healing, miracles and faith. The exhibition looked at the partnerships and contradictions found in the space between miracles and medicine. It touched on the thousands of years of life in the city through the lens of medical milestones beginning with the days of King David and King Hezekiah to the modern history of Hadassah and Shaare Zedek hospitals.
Exhibition in 2013
קצה חוט
Contemporary design inspired by the women who influenced the history of Jerusalem - Fashion Project
This unique fashion design exhibition focused on a subject which usually remains in the shadows of the great historical stories of Jerusalem. The seemingly minor issue of what clothing the men and women of Jerusalem wore through the ages is actually fascinating. Can one understand the city and its inhabitants in various periods through the clothing, textiles, head coverings, jewelry and shoes that they wore?
חפצ חשוד
Industrial Design Inspired by Jerusalem
The exhibition featured the work of designers inspired by the city of Jerusalem, works both exhibited in the past and those that were created specifically for the exhibition. The designers chose to treat the familiar symbols of the city – buildings, streets and neighborhoods, as well as its stories and smells.
Exhibition in 2012
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany Visits Jerusalem, 1898
On October 29 – November 4, 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife the Empress Augusta Victoria made an historic trip to Jerusalem as the focal point of their travels to the Holy Land. Their visit received unprecedented coverage. Photographers from the Holy Land and abroad followed the visit, local press reported on the journey, and even foreign newspapers devoted caricatures to the trip.
Exhibition in 2011
ארבע ידיים
The Animated Films of Emmanuel Luzzati and Giulio Gianini
The exhibition was an opportunity to present the film “Jerusalem” as a window into the rich repertoire of Luzzati’s and Gianini’s work. It offered a backstage view of the film’s creation, and focused on typical techniques and the colorful language that were common to many of their films.
Manofim 2011
The exhibition, ‘Souvenirs’, explored the mementos that were left to us by history. It used these keepsakes to trace historical and imaginary stories about Jerusalem and the personalities who lived in the city through the ages.
Exhibition in 2010
אות ועוד
The use of the written alphabet is so central in our lives that it is taken for granted. But the story of the invention and development of alphabetic writing is the story of a revolution that changed the face of the world in terms of communication options. The exhibition, “Letters & More”, addressed one of the most important revolutions in communications in history; the invention of the alphabet.
Exhibition in 2009
ירושלים בקריקטורות
Some sixty caricature artists presented their works in “Jerusalem in Caricatures” including Michel Kichka, Shmulik Katz, Zev Englermeir, Yirmi Pinkus, Amos Ellenbogen. Topical issues and old community concerns both found expression in this exhibition. The caricatures are satirical portraits of the many faces of Jerusalem, with all its problems, complexity and charm.
Exhibition in 2008
מצדוה אגדה
An interactive exhibition that invited children and parents to connect with the actual fortress structure at the Tower of David and then leap into the realms of fantasy with the aid of state of the art technology.
Exhibition in 2007
The Soundscapes exhibition brought together an archaeological site, music, design and technology and created a sensual, multi-sensory experience of sound, movement and light. The Citadel’s acoustic vista was reinforced by dozens of musical instruments including a harp, a drum, cymbals, a contrabass, an organ and percussion instruments.
Exhibition in 2005
Exhibition in 2002
מעבר לכחול
Ofra Zimbalista at the Museum
Thirty casts of human bodies, created by Ofra Zimbalista, were placed outdoors, in the Citadel courtyard – climbing up walls, sitting atop water cistern openings, walking on roofs. Eight of her computerized renditions of reliefs were displayed in the high arches of the Citadel.
קו על גוף
Throughout human history, man treated his body as a canvas for drawing, painting and decorating.
Body Lines, an exhibition on body decoration, tattoos, henna and kohl brought together artifacts, photographs and multi-disciplinary illustrative media which demonstrated that body art was not just a passing fashion trend but rather has been used throughout history as a means for individual and communal self expression and social demarcation.
Exhibition in 1999
Dale Chihuly
In July 1999, a unique, large scale exhibition by leading glass artist Dale Chihuly opened in the Tower of David Museum. The exhibition, which was built specifically for the Museum on the eve of the Millennium, was the largest that Chihuly had ever produced. The artist’s monumental glass sculptures were placed throughout the Citadel.
Exhibition in 1998
סינמה ירושלים
A magical journey along the walls of the Tower of David Citadel and into 100 years of film in Jerusalem. Using footage from rare films that document the city, the exhibition revealed the transformations that took place in its urban and human landscape over the past hundred years.
A collection of photographs documenting the heroic moments of the Palmach in Jerusalem: the events of the War of Independence, the breaking of the siege of Jerusalem and the battle of Harel, as caught on camera in real time
Exhibition in 1996
דיאלוג נצחי
Jerusalem through the camera lens of eleven renowned photographers from Israel and abroad, including: Thomas Ruff from Germany, Mike & Doug Starn from the USA, Emmet Gowin, Linda Connor and others. These artists’ photographs were shown side by side with ones by prominent Israeli photographers such as Joel Kantor, Barry Frydlender, Oded Yedaya and others.
Exhibition in 1995
חותם משה
The exhibition revolved around the Seal of Solomon, a universal symbol which appears in many cultures and various geographical and historical spaces. The exhibition showcased dozens of works of art including Muslim miniatures, charms, jewelry and tools decorated with the Seal of Solomon.
Exhibition in 1994
מן הכרחים
Contemporary Israeli Art in the Ancient Arrow Slits
The exhibition “Through the Lattice” offered an extraordinary, daring treatment of the arrow slits in the citadel’s walls. The alcoves set inside the walls, which were used long ago for shooting arrows, spilling boiling oil over the enemies below and as lookout posts for snipers, were offered to the artists as posts for expressing their art.
אלילות מקומיות
From Ancient Goddesses to Today’s Mythological Women
The exhibition was dedicated to the woman-goddess through the ages and invited the visitor to join a fascinating journey into history…, to the forgotten realms of religion and ritual imbued with powerful and magical symbols.
Exhibition in 1993
חלום בהקיץ   ירושלים הלא בנויה
A hundred years of dream and vision in the building of Jerusalem, and the “Jerusalem of What Might Have Been” – a city of dreams, hopes, expectations, illusions and nightmares which never materialized in stone and concrete.
Exhibition in 1992
אוכלים בירושלים
The history of Jerusalem through the taste buds and the palates of peoples and cultures; through the kitchens, the flavors and the culinary customs that have existed for over 3000 years of preparing and eating food in Jerusalem. This unique exhibition highlighted famous meals, the mingling of cuisines, the food, spices and drinks from then until now.
Exhibition in 1991
ימי מגדל דוד
The First Culture War in Palestine. The exhibition “Tower of David Days” reviewed a fascinating period in the history of the Citadel (1921-1932), when it became a center of cultural revival and where Jews, Arabs and Christians encountered local cultural activity.
Exhibition in
קאבר תערוכה
A new exhibition presents the project which won the international Dedalo Minosse prize for architecture - the new National Memorial Hall for Israel’s Fallen at Mt. Herzl.