50 Years 50 Faces

The Tower of David Museum, which tells the story of Jerusalem in many different ways, has created a special project to mark the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem that presents the many faces of that special time.

The residents of Jerusalem experienced, each in their own way, that defining moment when Israeli sovereignty was applied to the Jordanian territories and Israeli control was extended throughout the city. Everyone who was there remembers, just like in other life-altering events, exactly where they were, what they were wearing, and what they felt at the moment of the announcement of unification.

The project has connected people from East and West, each telling his or her own story of that critical moment, in an attempt to unite them all into a one-time human mosaic that exposes the city’s many facets.

On the project website you will find short videos directed by Moshe Alafi, 20 of the 50 stories, archival material, photographs from personal albums, newspaper clippings and a variety of materials that together create a unique mosaic of the defining moment that took place 50 years ago.

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