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בר בת מצווה

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations at the Tower of David

Combine an enriching educational experience, with the unique atmosphere of the Tower of David
Celebrate your special event with your entire family in the crisp, mountain air of Jerusalem 

Small Bar/Bat Mitzvah events in the Citadel moat as per directives of the Ministry of Health including:

-Rental of the Citadel’s moat for 4 hours
-Chairs and tables for your guests
-Food-serving facilities only for your caterer (caterer cost not included in price, caterer must have kashrut certification) 
-Security and cleaning services
-Moat area is accessible for people with limited mobility
-Bathrooms are located within the space 

You can combine quality programming before or after your event:

 Race to the Treasure - an experiential, challenging activity for the entire family within the Citadel grounds

Competition about events that took place in Jerusalem throughout the city’s history 

Participants will climb the observation towers, discovering hidden passageways, get to know the characteristics of the Citadel and understand the complexities and importance of Jerusalem.  The game requires creative thinking, solving clues and completing objectives on the way to the treasure.

 Jerusalem Through the Ages - a Journey Through Events in the History of Jerusalem

A guided tour in the Tower of David and the courtyard of the Citadel focusing on the exciting, unique story of Jerusalem.  Participants will hear about the development of Jerusalem through 3000 years of history, from the days of King David until today, and about the events and central personalities which made their mark on the city.

Length of each activity:  1.5 hours 

Number of Participants will be set according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health for the date of the event and will not exceed 20 participants in a group

For details, please fill out the form and we will contact you directly

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