The Big swap

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DAY 3 - The Big swap (Sunday, November 13)

An evening of conversations and experiences from the top of the tower. Thoughts and reflections on our place and the place of art in a world of code-based systems, and then diving into the sounds and visions of the mathematics behind nature that are digitally and musically processed into performances.


20:00 Dr Miri Segal - Lecture

20:30 Collective Saf

21:30 Emergence - Live AV

22:30 A Cloudburst during a Black Night - Live AV

Agency and danger in virtual reality: a conversation with the artist Miri Segal

Agency and danger in virtual reality: a conversation with the artist Miri Segal. In many of Miri Segal's works, there is a negotiation between the human and the artificial, the digital, the technological. They offer a glimpse into alternative realities, and sometimes also into the reality after the exchange. As part of the conversation, Segal will talk about selected works, including from her latest exhibition at Dvir Gallery ("When I woke up, I continued to sleep"), and through them we will discuss the retreat of the human, the rise of the algorithmic, and the urgency to respond. Directed by Irit Sternberg.

Dr. Miri Segal is an artist who deals with video and combines new media and technology in her work. Doctor of Mathematics and senior lecturer in the Bezalel Art Department, the Midrash School of Art and the Beit Berel Academi

The great replacement : A talk with SAF collective

The ever-improving creative AI tools now known as “image synthesizers” have perpetuated a debate over the fear of replacement. Machines replacing artists, the algorithmic replacing the human, computation replacing contemplation. How does the replacement narrative influence Art, and the role of artists? What will the future hold for the replaced and the displaced, and what will stubbornly remain in its place? Is this scenario, like other “Great Replacements”, a conspiracy waiting to be exposed?

SAF is a creative collective that promotes thought, writing, and action in the cultural, artistic, and social spheres. 

Ari Ben Arie - Researcher, DJ, and producer. PhD student in Cultural Studies, with an MA in Religious Studies (HUJI). Yoel Botvinik - Researcher, DJ, and producer. PhD student in Communication, with an MA in Cultural Studies (HUJI). Irit Sternberg - Researcher and artist. Holds an MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas (TAU).

Emergence - Maayan Linik hosts Elyasaf Bashari & George Physarum

Musicians Maayan Linik and Elyasaf Bashari, collaborate with George Physarum, in a project of ambient music, samples of ancient wisdoms, and heavenly improvisation to create an audio-visual experience that sweeps the audience into ancient and futuristic realms at the same time

Maayan Linik, a multi-instrumental soul singer (piano, cello, synthesizer and more) will be joined by Elyasaf Bashari, a musician, producer and singer who has played with a wide variety of musicians, creator of the band Quarter to Africa

George Physarum, a generative code artist who works with algorithms to produce complex bacteria-like visual systems that are constantly changing. At the base of his work sits an algorithm formulated by Prof. Eshel Ben Yaakov during his research on the mathematics behind the principle of the wisdom of crowds.

A Cloudburst during a black night - Rani Megiddo hosts Eliana

Rani Megiddo creates and produces electronic music accompanied by vocals, of a psychedelic, immersive and intimate nature. Rani puts the listener in a space between inner turmoil and escapism, between a difficult socio-political reality to drugs and parties. Hip-hop beats, airy synthesizers, piano and honest vocals that indicate sensitivity and detachment, heartbreak and love. At the concert, Rani will host Eliana for several songs from her first album "Shever Anan" on which they worked together in recent years.

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photo credit:orna kalgrad

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Date and Time
Sunday, November 11
Doors open | 7:30 pm
כניסה למוזיאון מגדל דוד ירושלים
Tower of David museum
Free entrance | Advanced registration required

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