"Israeli Shabbat” at the Tower of David Museum

Visit this Heritage Site on Saturdays!

The Tower of David Museum is participating in the “Israeli Shabbat” project of the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, and invites you to visit the museum on Saturdays – for free!

So, what can you do at the museum on a Saturday?

There are guided tours!

Each Saturday, we offer 3 guided tours of the citadel and the museum grounds that are appropriate for adults and children 10 and up.

The tours begin at the museum entrance at 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm and last approximately 45 minutes.

The tours are in Hebrew and are suitable for Sabbath observers

There are self-guided tours with a free audio-guide!

On Saturdays you can request a free audioguide at the entrance to the museum and take an independent tour of the citadel and museum grounds, enjoying beautiful observation points, examining archaeological remains thousands of years old, and exploring the hidden corners of this ancient citadel.

For more information about the audioguide tours >>> click here

The audio guide is available in Hebrew and English

You can play the game - Mystery in the Citadel - for children:

A game kit (in Hebrew) that takes kids on a tour of the ancient citadel based on the story of a key that was found in the archaeological excavation in the courtyard of the citadel. At every station there is a puzzle, story or clue left for you by the city’s rulers who lived in the citadel. 

For more information about the game kit >>> click here 

How do you order tickets?

Tickets for “Israeli Shabbat” must be ordered in advance (TickChak). Tickets are free, but must be presented at the entrance.

To order free tickets in advance >>> click here

*Visitors who come to the museum without registering in advance can register at the entrance.

*This program is available only for individuals and not for group tours. Limit of 5 people for each registration.

*Fridays are not included in the "Israeli Shabbat” event. 

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Looking for something to do after or before your visit?

Check out these games: 


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