Eating in Jerusalem


How do you narrate history?

You can examine regime change, influential leaders, and major events but, what can a cooking pot tell you about the history of a time or place.  Actually, quite a lot.  So, we have embarked on a culinary-historical journey to trace the story of Jerusalem from the days of the First Temple to the present through food discovered in archeological excavations, documented in books and currently cooked in different kitchens throughout the city.  How are we doing this?

All About Cusine - The Food Book of Jerusalem

Which cuisines developed in Jerusalem - a city whose story is a tapestry of ongoing inter-cultural encounters over hundreds and thousands of years? Taste the history of Jerusalem through informative entries, interviews and recipes.


Recipes, recipes and more recipes!

This is where food moves from digital straight to the pot. Feel free to join our WhatsApp group of 'Eating in Jerusalem' where we will send you inspiring recipes, lost recipes found in old archives and books, recipes handed down by grandmothers from all ethnic groups and recipes of our favorite chefs and restaurant owners.

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