Chanukah 2021

at the Tower of David Museum

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Celebrate Chanukah with the whole family at the Tower of David Museum!

Hanukkah is a holiday of lights, oil, battles of the Maccabees, and delicious food.  At the Tower of David Museum we are celebrating with a wide range of events, tours and games (and, of course, Hanukkah gelt - chocolate coins for all visitors!). Come solve the mysteries and discover the secrets hidden in the ancient citadel, meet historical figures, see the walls and the ballista stones left here from the Maccabean revolt, tour the alleyways searching for lights, scents, and tastes, view the beautiful Night Experiences, answer clues and experience challenges in our fun tour games, ascend to the most beautiful observation point in all of Jerusalem (!), visit an art exhibit examining reality, and unwrap a present for yourselves or your friends - Jerusalem Outside of the Box.

Please note that the activities that are in Hebrew are specified as such.

All activities held in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations. Just as in National Parks, there is no need to present a Green Permit - Tag Yarok.

Activities for the whole family at the museum

Tours and Games

Tours to Enjoy the Lights and Smells of the Holiday

All these great events are happening right here at the Tower of David

And that's what we call, a Happy Chanukah!

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