Mystery in the Citadel 
Game kit for an independent tour

(in Hebrew)

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Who Has the Key? 

“Hi! Thanks so much for coming.  I’m at my wits’ end and I really need your help.  Let me start from the beginning.  I am here, in an archaeological excavation in this ancient citadel.  Several days ago on a sunny, pleasant morning, I had just finished my break when I discovered a small, strangely shaped object in the ground.  I carefully brushed off the dirt stuck to it and, there couldn’t be any mistake, this was a key!!  A very small, beautiful and elegant key.  But, what does it open?  Maybe it’s the key to the lock on a treasure chest?  And whose key was it?  Did it belong to a king, a knight or even an Emperor? 

“Look, this isn’t simple; the citadel is ancient and contains many archaeological finds and secrets stretching back almost 3,000 years. Here’s where you come into the picture!  Come to the citadel, look for clues among the archaeological finds and the secret passages, and help us find the key and maybe even the secret of what it opens.” 

Game kit for an independent tour of the ancient citadel based on a key that was found in the archaeological excavation in the courtyard of the citadel.  At every station you will find a puzzle, story or clue left for you by the city’s rulers who lived in the citadel. 

Activity included in museum admission price. 

Activity is in Hebrew.

משחק תעלומה במצודה

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