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Two facts cannot be disputed:

  1. We have the most beautiful observation point in Jerusalem
  2. We don’t want to be selfish

So, we want to share all this beauty with you through a clip that explains why you should definitely stop by when visiting the Old City, Jaffa Gate or the Mamilla Mall.

In the spirit of the video clip, we went out to rediscover the Old City market and figure out what else you can buy for 15 NIS in the area around the museum. And, here is what we found:



Jaffa Gate is the main gate to the Old City and it is lively during most hours of the day.

The small area of the Old City holds a wide world within, so wide that it’s enough to just walk in the area of the Jaffa Gate, a small section of David Street and return to the Tower of David.

Jaffa Gate is the main gate to the Old City and you can find it full of life during most hours of the day.

Besides the street musicians and the food sellers at Jaffa Gate, you can also ascend onto the city wall heading north and walk on the walls of the Christian Quarter until Damascus Gate. Ticket sales and information in the booth built into the side of the gate >>


Also at Jaffa Gate you can find the Western Wall train; it’s beautiful, colorful, and exciting for kids.  Mainly, it is another enjoyable way to get from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall Plaza and back. Train ticket sales are also found literally inside Jaffa Gate >>



In Jaffa Gate you can find carts piled high with Jerusalem Bagels brought straight from the bakery.

As long as we’ve mentioned the food stands, let’s take a look at the famous Jerusalem bagel, which seems to be the only bread that is eaten like cake. Peddlers with trays of Jerusalem Bagels on their heads circumvent the Old City; and at Jaffa Gate you can find carts piled high with bagels which are brought straight from large wood-fired ovens in 200 year old bakeries. Every day each baker makes several hundred bagels at a dizzying pace which competes with modern production methods; by the afternoon they are all gone. Come early!

Besides bagels, you can find baked eggs in the area of Jaffa Gate – these are eggs which are baked in their shells inside a metal carton and the result is very similar to eggs cooked in cholent.

If you haven’t filled up from the bagels, you can taste huge falafel balls – really HUGE and sesame crackers made especially for Ramadan.


At this small stand there are a variety of refreshing, fresh fruit juices, squeezed right on the spot

Among all the street food, you can also find in the area fresh juice stands, where fresh fruit is squeezed especially for you on the spot. It’s easy to pass by the pomegranate and lemonade juice stand at the intersection between the entrance to the spice market and the entrance to the butchers’ market, but it is a shame to miss it. In the past, the owners of the stand would walk around the market with a big jug of juice on their backs; the elders of the shuk say that because of the mixing which occurred from walking up and down the stairs of the shuk, there was no juice like it. Today you can find a variety of refreshing, fresh fruit juices, squeezed right on the spot in this small stand.


“David Street holds many “surprises”

David Street holds many “surprises”. This is the main tourist shopping area of the Old City and it is paradise for souvenirs and treasures for every use and purpose. You can find literally anything here:  Armenian ceramic pottery, known around the world; unique spices; antiquity dealers with jugs, coins and antique works of art; and of course, souvenir shops; authentic backgammon boards; and even shirts, bags and wallets made from special fabrics.

תצפית מוזיאון מגדל דוד

All of Jerusalem spread out at your feet

After a walk along the walls, trying local food, and a shopping spree in the shuk, come experience “Upper Jerusalem” from the observation point of the Phasael Tower at the Tower of David Museum. With a bird’s eye view, you will see all of Jerusalem spread out at your feet: old houses, and new ones sprinkled between them, markets and people, mountain air – clear as wine, and a breathtaking view.

And that’s it, friends. Jerusalem!

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